Sunday, July 20, 2008


finally there is snow
we went to Hotham for the weekend and had a great time. i was starting to forget why we travel nearly every weekend in winter to the snow ( as there had been none) but as we drove up the hill on Friday night into snow falling and my boys eyes as wide as saucers i had that feeling again inside, excitement and fun. we stay in a lodge and it was members weekend. a great time to get to know other members. we have been members for 5 years now and we always meet someone new on weekends like this. most of the members are older than us and have kids around my age so i always feel a little overwhelmed when i walk in with my 2 running around. they were great though and always are. there are so many people to observe, snow to play in and ski on that by the time night falls they are exhausted.
Hugo had a ski lesson both mornings. after lessons last year and 2 weeks of daily lessons in France in Jan he was excited to be on the snow again. although both mornings we had tears as said goodbye, something that has never happened before, but when he was out on the snow he was fine. on Sunday john and i got to have a ski together - joy, bliss.... raining cold and miserable we still braved the elements. we skied for a few runs and then we were going to go and have a coffee. we skied to the bottom of heavenly and there at snake gully was Hugo in his lesson. wow - we had said last year to each other when we had seen a ski class there "wont it be great in a few years to watch Hugo here" and there he was today in blizzard like conditions. a whole myriad of emotions washed over me proud, excited, scared love happiness. he looked so little skiing that big run....we all caught the chairlift and bus back to big d together and collected archie from creche ( first time ever - no tears and a no and turn of the head as i kissed him goodbye, but a HUGE smile and cuddle when i came and got him)

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