Saturday, July 26, 2008


when i was working a colleague of mine was reminiscing about her children when they were young, she was telling me many lovely stories. one of them that i thought i must always remember was when her children were little on a Friday night they were allowed a sleepover in each others rooms. one week was one child's room the next week the others. last night Hugo wanted Archie to sleep with him, so i explained that because Archie was still in a cot he was too little to stay all night, but very soon he will be able to have a "sleepover" . this didn't seem to appease Hugo so i then suggested if we let him stay for 5 minutes tonight... that seemed to work. it lasted all of 4 minutes with Archie getting up and running around !!
i am looking forward to a few years time when they will be able to "sleepover" in each others rooms.
JULY 740

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