Thursday, July 24, 2008


my days are getting sucked away with this computer. i feel i have been on it 24/7 for the last week. as a relative new comer to the world of blogs and blogging i am officially hooked. i have acquired a few favourite blogs and i have sat and read archive posts "to catch up" and learn more. john had been interstate all week and each night i have sat here and read and read and explored. i have had lots of fun and i think i am starting to learn a little. i have so many ideas running in my head, i don't really know where to start. my favourites is filling up and i have so many notes and links to go back and look at or read later that i wonder if i will ever emerge. as for my boys... now where are they??? no its not that bad but i do feel a little guilty as i reflect on the week and realise that they have watched a little extra telly and have amused themselves for longer than they normally would. i feel though that i am starting to regain a focus and outlook on what i want to do. i go to bed inspired, i am dreaming of creating and looking forward to new days and the adventure and wonder that we all might discover. so maybe a little bit of selfish me time and finding my groove again in the craft world as well as discovering a new blogging/craft world has helped us all as family.

all of this has insired me and i have now i started moving furniture to create more creativity in me and the boys. my office will become my sewing space as well, rather than having to drag the machine out all the time and i have moved an old cupboard into the office for all my material etc. this then has freed up space downstairs for thr boys playroom and i would like to make this a more inviting, warm , natural space full of opportunities for creativilt , learning and play.

in my past life i was a kindergarten teacher and taught with the philosophy of reggio emeilia. i ahve travelled to italy and done study tours and relish in their knowledge of children and the importance of the environment as the 3rd teacher ( 1 is the child and family, 2 is the teacher, 3 the environment) in day to day living over the part 6-12 months i had let all this slip and now as i have been reading and grounding myself again i want to create this for the boys. the boys are having a great time as i move things round and i'm not sure if i am getting anywhere or creating more mess but at least we are having fun and finding many treasures along the way.

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